Tuesday, November 3, 2009

winter showcase cast list

Thanks again for your patience. We really enjoyed seeing all the auditions on Friday. You all did a wonderful job. If you are not cast, please do not be discouraged. We hope to see you all back at the next audition!

Cast members: Once you have found your name, please send me an email at lwhalen@d155.org with your contact information including email address, cell phone and home phone. This is how I will know each of you has checked the list. There will be a meeting for all cast members on Friday, November 6th at 3:00 pm in C-2. I will have your scripts ready for you at the meeting. See you there!

There Shall Be No Bottom (A Bad Play for Bad Actors):
Director: JJ Lubow
Assistant Director: John McKune
Jeff: Joey Wienckowski
Jo: Alyssa Pierce
Jane: Emily Scott
Stage Manager: Amanda Ferrara

Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage):
Director: Melisa Rojas
Assistant Director:Sarah Kedzior
Actor: Ryan Lammers
Actress: Shannon O'Connor

The Statue of Bolivar:
Director: Ashley Barrett
Elizabeth: Madeline Gronset
Jemma: Erin Alleva

Director: Taryn DeVries
Assistant Director: Jenna Porter
Whitney: Sarah Panko
Peter: Daniel Rickert
Esther: Kendall Lake

Rosa's Eulogy:
Director: Anna Krupp
Jeanne: Sheila Wilhelmi

Please Have a Seat and Someone Will Be With You Shortly:
Director: Margaret Duffy
Assistant Director: Kevin Nietzel
David: Mike Davis
Sue: Kaitlin Kownick

Controlling Interest:
Director: Jess Larsen
Assistant Director: Michelle Schoch
Jack: Ryan Lammers
Brad: Matt Kearney
David: Andrew Zaruba
Steven: Nick Larsen
Ashley: Megan Burke
Bethany: Shannon Tryon

The Blueberry Hill Accord:
Director: Grace Hartwig
Hannah: Alexis Laverdiere
Lindsay: Jen McGowan