Friday, September 3, 2010

romeo&juliet cast list

Congrats to everyone who made the cast of Romeo&Juliet. We had so many great auditions it was tough to choose the cast! If you were not cast, please keep working and come back and audition again. The next opportunity will be the WInter Showcase in October.

There will be an all-cast meeting today at 3:15 in the choir room today. See you all there!

Romeo-Cooper Agar
Juliet-Alexis Laverdiere
Benvolio/Mercutio-Preston Parker/Nick Larsen
Tybalt-Sam Babick
Lord Capulet-Cale Singleton
Lady Capulet-Sarah Kedzior
Nurse-Ashley Barrett
Friar Lawrence-Ryan Lammers
Paris-Alex Hagedorn
Lord Montague-John McKune
Lady Montague-Grace Hartwig
Prince-Jen McGowan
Balthasar-Meghan Burke
Sampson-Chris Cunningham
Peter/Watch 2-Ryan Schmidt
Abraham/Watch 3-Matt Gordon
Gregory/Apothecary-Maddie Gronset
Friar John/Watch 1-Eric Spoerl

Thursday, September 2, 2010

romeo&juliet cast

Thanks again to all who auditioned for the cast of Romeo&Juliet. Your audition results will be available from Mrs. Whalen in room C8 beginning at 7:15am tomorrow morning. The cast list will be posted on the blog and on the CG Drama callboard in the lobby at noon, so please pick up your results prior to that. There will be a meeting for all cast members in the choir room tomorrow at 3:15.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing all underclassmen at the Winter Showcase auditions in October.

Mrs. W

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

callbacks for romeo&juliet

Thanks to everyone for auditioning. It was great to see you all perform today. Below are the people I'd would like to see read parts tomorrow. If you are not listed, it doesn't mean you aren't cast, just that I saw what I needed today. If you are called back, please pick up a scene packet in room C8 tomorrow. Callbacks will be in the choir room at 3:15. Please be familiar with your lines (memorization is optional).

Cooper Agar
Ryan Lammers

Alexis Laverdiere

Cooper Agar
Nick Larsen

Ryan Lammers
Nick Larsen

Lord Capulet
Ryan Lammers
John McKune
Cale Singleton

Lady Capulet
Ashley Barrett
Sarah Kedzior
Jen McGowan

Sarah Kedzior
Ashley Barrett

Friar Lawrence
Ryan Lammers
Cale Singleton